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Hay Chix Half Bale Net


The Hay Chix® Half Bale Net (formerly known as ‘Mini Net’) attaches easily to a trailer, eye hook, fence or tree, it’s perfect for keeping your feeding program on track while on the go. This net holds about 1/2 of a small square bale (4-6 flakes.)

  • Ideal for: Keeping your stalled horses busy, in your pasture or paddock, hauling: whether inside or outside your trailer, on a tie line for those weekends you hit the trails. This net has been shown to help confined horses with ulcers, weaving, pawing and other unwanted behaviors.
  • Warning: We do not recommend use with horned animals, horses with blankets or non-breakaway halters. Nets may be used with shod horses, but must be used with a traditional hay ring that is flush with the ground or hung high enough so the horse cannot paw at it.
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1 3/4" Original, 1 1/4" Slow Feed, 1" Slow Feed Extreme, 1 3/4" Original Heavy Duty


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