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Polaris Electronic Timer


The Polaris timer is a full-featured, multi-event timer capable of automatic timing of barrel racing, pole bending, roping, team penning, ull riding, cutting, show jumping, lap timing and more! The Polaris is available in a wireless version (shown) as well as a wired version. The Wireless Polaris Timer Package includes the wireless Polaris timer console, one set of wireless electric eyes, a tripod stand for each electric eye, one A/C adapter to power the timer console, and a hard shell carrying case.




If cancellation of timer order – $50 restocking fee.

Using the wireless Polaris means no more tangled cables, damaged connectors or cut cords. No more stringing and taping cables along the fence, and no more hassles trying to tear the cable down after the event!

Low battery warnings from the wireless electric eyes are automatically displayed on the Polaris timer console in the announcer’s booth!

Our new Quick-Mount even makes setting up for roping events easy! The Quick-Mount allows you to attach the electric eyes to virtually any fence rail, cattle panel or post in just seconds!

For events that require a horn (bull riding, team penning, roping, etc.), the wireless Polaris includes a built-in PA Horn. The PA Horn is a direct connection between the Polaris timer and your PA system. The timer console contains a digitized recording of our Automatic Horn. The PA system performs as if a microphone is in front of our Automatic Horn – except there is no horn and there is no microphone! This feature eliminates the need to connect to an external horn and provides horn volume control via your PA system!

In addition to the standard “bull horn” sound, the Polaris also allows selection of other tones when the “horn” sounds.

Obtain Barrel Split Times for training! Using the Polaris timer with four sets of wireless electric eyes, you can split a barrel run into eight separately timed sections! The split times are downloaded directly into your computer for viewing and printing. Click here for more information.

Full Featured Support of a Wide Variety of Events!

Both the wired and wireless versions of the Polaris offer full featured support of a wide variety of Western and English riding events, Dog Agility Trials, as well as a numerous other non-equestrian timed events.

Easy to Use – Wireless!

The Polaris includes a second display directly under the time display. This display provides the operator with status information and helpful prompts to make the timer simple to use.

A convenient keypad allows simple, single button access to the Polaris’ powerful features.

Time is displayed on a high contrast LCD display with extra large 0.7 inch tall digits – easily readable even in direct sunlight.

Different time formats are automatically selected for each different event (e.g., seconds to .001, seconds to .01, minutes and seconds, counting up, counting down, etc.). Of course, you can choose your own time format instead!

Accurate time is maintained even while the timer is stopped. This allows resumption of timing after accidental interruptions. No more lost times!

Alignment status of each electric eye is always present on the status display.

Multiple previous times are saved along with penalty (if entered) and any event-specific information such as score, broken barrier, cattle number, lap number, jumping round, etc.

All cables simply plug straight in – no complex connectors which must be oriented and aligned “just right.” No pins to accidentally bend.

The Polaris is fully compatible with all FarmTek printers and scoreboards and easily connects to a computer