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Whip Holder

You ever have that problem of finding your whip in a run? You could lose valuable time searching for your "encouragement". Well introducing a neat little holder for your whip! Tap It is a custom made over and under whip holder to secure an over and under whip in place on your saddle until needed. Light weight, oval shaped, 4 1/2" by 3 1/2". It has a rear mounted clip which attaches to your girt holder. To secure your whip simply place it under the spring loaded clip for quick and easy retrieval! Watch the Video!!

TapIt Whipholder Black Hide TapIt Whipholder Brown Hide TapIt Whipholder Black Cross TapIt Whipholder Brown Cross TapIt Whipholder Zebra Winged Cross
TapIt Whipholder Turquoise Stone Bling TapIt Whipholder Pink Stone Bling TapIt Whipholder Purple Stone Bling TapIt Whipholder Brown Diamond TapIt Whipholder Black Diamond TapIt Whipholder Snakeskin TapIt Whipholder Alligator

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