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The Twin Who Wins

The Twin Who Wins By Sharon Lene Yorks
The Cloverleaf Series: 1

Scooter hustled as hard as he could to the first barrel. For once, his smaller size gave him an advantage as he quickly snaked around it. He darted across the arena to the second barrel, then whipped around it so quick that Cassie now knew what whiplash was.

"Come on, Cassie!" she heard Tammy yell. "Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!"

Scooter did all but sprout wings as he flew to the next. Cassie focused in on the red, white, and blue painted barrel, concentrating on what she needed to do next. She remembered her toe trick, and got it out of the way as Scooter wrapped the third barrel. As they raced for the finish line, Scooter's nostrils flared, and his short, little legs reached out as far as they could- giving it all he had.

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I'm glad to finally see a story about barrel racers and a writer who can capture the true essence of rodeo.
-Sherry Cervi, 2-Time WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer

I liked that the character Tammy took time away from rodeo to meet her family obligations. She keeps her priorities straight and still comes out a winner.
-Kristie Peterson, 4-Time WPRA World Champion Barrel Racer

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