We've rated our equipment by the following system.
3 Barrel Rating!

3 Barrel Rating:

When you see the three barrel rating you know this is the highest quality leather, tree, workmanship and tooling. These saddles are the best quality and they hold up under the best conditions. They have the best fit for the horses with beautiful craftsmanship. All of our 3 Barrel Saddles are made in the USA. If you buy one of these saddles, you know you will own it for years and years to come.

These are our most highly recommended saddles. They have the highest quality leather, best silver and are handmade. Most are custom orders.
2 Barrel Rating!

2 Barrel Rating:

A little bit less expensive, stiffer leather, usually with stamped tooling instead of hand embossed. They tend to be a bit lighter weight, but will still hold up to long hours in the saddle. You will find that the tooling may not be as intricate. It has less silver. Usually equipped with standard 1" stirrups. A good intermediate saddle. Made in the USA.
1 Barrel Rating!

1 Barrel Rating:

The least expensive saddles, we recommend these for beginner barrel racers. They are for people who want a basic looking saddle, not adorned with expensive silver and fancy craftsmanship. Most saddles are made with a very stiff leather, oxbow stirrups, with no silver or cheyenne roll. These saddles are low cost, but not low quality. Some of these saddles are imports.

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