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Barrel Racing Record Book

Barrel Racing Record Book This little bound book is a great way to keep track of your Barrel Racing runs. Each page has a section to write down all the key information about your rodeo.
Where, when, which horse, ground and arena conditions, your time and (hopefully yours) the winning time.

Complete with a large comment section and a picture of the barrel pattern, you can write notes about what happened, what went right, and what you want to change next time.
When you get back home and want to train your horse, this will give you a written record of what to work on.

The cover is waterproof. The pages are a durable heavy card stock. Space for 74 runs.

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Barrel Racing Record Book This book is an opportunity for you to participate in that most important human record, the written word. Barrel racing is, by its nature, an event that passes in seconds. However, the sum total that goes into the winning run may involve years of practice and training, and many complicated techniques.

This book provides a format for you to break the sum total into discrete parts and make a record of your run. It is a guide for slowly and carefully visualizing the countless individual acts that you put together to make your run.
- From the Preface
- Leslie Roe

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