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Brittany Pozzi Bits

Brittany Pozzi Collection

At only 27 years old Brittany already has two barrel racing World Championship titles to her name. She has been competing in rodeo events since 1995 and in 2011 helped her horse ‘Yeah He’s Firen’ to earn a Horse of the Year title from the AQHA. Brittany is known for meticulous care of her horses and has partnered with Professional’s Choice to create her own line of bits that are designed to maximize both effectiveness and comfort in the horse.

Professional's Choice has teamed up with professional barrel racer and NFR champion Brittany Pozzi on a collection of bits called The Brittany Pozzi Collection. The bit collection is comprised of four classic bits, including an O-Ring Twisted Wire Snaffle, a Hackamore, Combinations and Lifters, with a selection of mouthpieces.

Pozzi 3 Piece Smooth Noseband Pozzi 3-Piece Twist Noseband Pozzi Smooth Snaffle Noseband Pozzi Twist Snaffle Noseband Pozzi Hackamore

Having competed on a professional level for nearly a decade, Pozzi brought with her a wealth of knowledge to the design process. With the help of Professional's Choice, she composed a set of bits that she now uses herself, and that takes into account the horse’s comfort and responsiveness as its key design components.

Being aware of how the horse's comfort is reflected in performance, Pozzi mandated that her bits be made less wide than average bits, so it's less likely to pinch or pull through the horse's mouth when pressure is applied.

"The biggest concern of mine was making sure the bit’s fit, and that it worked properly in a horse's mouth" Pozzi said. "I also made sure the quality of the bit would withstand the wear and tear of everyday use."

Since completing the design and testing of her bits, Pozzi has personally written the description for each individual bit, so fellow riders can understand the mechanics of the bit and gauge which bit will best suit their horse.

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